"Israel” on its own?


In more than one of his speeches Hezbollah secretary general Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has stressed that one of the main factors tilting against "Israel" now is the decline in power of the West, specifically the US, and hence Washington's preoccupation with its own problems like the economic crisis. Now US president Barak Obama has made some significant remarks which lend credibility to this argument.
In an interview for the TV program "60 minutes, Obama responded to a question about whether or not he was feeling pressure from "Israeli" premier Benjamin Netanyahu to change policy towards Iran in favor of the military option. This was Obama's response:
"When it comes to our national security decisions, any pressure that I feel is simply to do what's right for the American people. And I am going to block any noise that is out there"
It is hence clear that in this period of American decline, Washington's priorities clearly are NOT towing the "Israeli" line and lie elsewhere.
In fact, the issue of Iran and how to deal with its nuclear program is the first to reveal with such clarity that Washington can no longer afford to tow the pro-"Israelis" with the emerging difference in priorities as a result of American decline and the end of unipolarism. There are prominent voices in Washington raising the question of military action in Iran and how it will affect American interests.

An organization called "The Iran project" recently released a report "weighing the costs and benefits" of military action against Iran. The report was co-authored by well known former national security and military officials including ex-national security advisors Zbigniew Brejenski and Brent Snowcroft. The aim of the report was to inform the American people about the war scenario with Iran.

And with respect to the American people what is also significant is that Obama made these statements on the eve of the upcoming elections scheduled for November. Hence unconditional support for "Israel" is not in this case detrimental to political survival and re-election. Rather in this era of American decline going along with "Israel" by waging war on Iran could be the political damaging factor for Washington's politicians. Indeed Obama made his statements after an interesting poll was conducted by the Chicago council for Global affairs which found that 70% of the American people oppose US military action against Iran.

The main concern of the American people is the economy and economic security is part of national security (hence Obama's reference to decisions related to national security).The American people realize that military action against Iran will further worsen the economic situation. To put it bluntly "the concerns of the American people lie far away from the "Israeli" agenda and "Israeli" wishes" and this is something which Obama realizes.

What makes the situation even more worrisome for "Israel" is another Gallup poll recently conducted which found that 70% of American Jews support Obama despite the latter's refusal to specify red lines and tow the "Israeli" line when it comes to Iran. This underscores the concerns being expressed by pro-"Israelis" regarding the alienation of a significant portion of the US Jews from "Israel" or at least from the right wingers like the Likud party and the settler movement who are taking more and more political control. Many American Jews, particularly from the younger generation feel increasingly detached from "Israel" and its brutal, aggressive policies and are more concerned with AMERICAN MATTERS like the economy and health care just like their fellow American citizens.

The bottom line is that "Israel" and what it wants is becoming increasingly irrelevant to many world powers. "Israel" can no longer rely on Washington whose decline began with the policies of the George W Bush administration and appears to be culminating now. With a clear choice between its interests and its support for "Israel", Washington will support the former and "Israel" will be on its own.

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