Bibi's ACME bomb: Jewish meme o'rama

I guess we all agree with Bug Bunny- "what a maroon!"

About here, there’s no more chips. It’s just air (Constantin Lauri)

(Tzvika Besor)

(Yuval Drier Shilo)

And that’s where he touched me (Amir Schiby)

(Amir Schiby)

(Ido Kenan)

(Ido Kenan)

And this is how I killed the roadrunner (I can get falafel Facebook page)

(Arie Yampuler)

(Dagan Wald)

(Noa Angel)

(Sara Miller)

(Shira Glezerman)

(Dubi Kaufman)

(Itay Kaplan)
(Amir Schiby)

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Old Japanese proverb