The new sophisticated missiles of the Lebanese resistance


By Pierre Khalaf
For many weeks now, the Israeli officials have been threatening with comprehensive war by attacking Lebanon, the Iranian nuclear facilities and Syria in the hope of saving the Western plot against the latter from certain defeat. Leader of the resistance Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah responded to Israel’s threats. In his speech on International Jerusalem Day, he established a new equation based on a strategic, deterring and unprecedented strike.

 Sayyed Nasrallah thus revealed that the resistance had acquired sophisticated missiles capable of hitting targets the size of a dot in occupied Palestine. He also indicated that the resistance had a bank of targets and that the missiles were already directed towards this vital infrastructure, whose destruction will constitute a real catastrophe for Israel. Consequently, the Israeli losses will be significant.

The Israeli experts know very well to which targets and missiles Sayyed Nasrallah is hinting. His message was strong and was well received and understood, which will dissuade the Hebrew state from launching its aggression. A few sophisticated missiles that are ready to be launched could burn the heart of Israel and cause the fall of tens of thousands of victims and the displacement of two million people.

With each appearance and following the emergence of each new equation, Sayyed Nasrallah forces the Israelis to redo their calculations and to count until one million before starting an aggression against Lebanon or any among the components of the resistance axis. If the resistance indeed possesses the missiles mentioned by Sayyed Nasrallah, the Israelis should think about the weapons in Syria’s and Iran’s arsenals. The deterring equations imposed and tested by the resistance during the July 2006 war constitute proof for Lebanon’s strength in the face of the Israeli war machine, as well as the best response to the Lebanese politicians calling for the disarmament of the resistance upon the request of Western embassies and Qatari and Saudi money.

Lebanese File

Sayyed Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah:

“If Israel were to attack Iran, it will give the Islamic Republic the opportunity it has been awaiting for thirty two years to launch its offensive. Iran and Gaza are the targets of a campaign that is growing more intense on all levels. Israel fears Iran. Israel’s problem is that Iran is an Islamic state that is becoming stronger. Hezbollah cannot destroy Israel but can make the lives of a million Zionists a living hell. The price to pay for war against Lebanon is extremely high. We might not be able to launch more than a few missiles, but they will make your lives hell.

 It will not be about the fall of hundreds of victims, rather tens of thousands of victims. A war today would be much more costly than the July 2006 war, considering that if Israel were to attack Lebanon, Hezbollah will not wait for anyone’s permission to defend the country. The lesson drawn from the July 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah is preventing the Israelis from attacking Iran (…) The decision issued by the Islamic Cooperation Organization to suspend Syria’s membership and isolate the regime in Damascus is unacceptable. 

Had they enjoyed some sense of historic responsibility, the members of the organization would have formed a committee to visit Damascus, Ankara and the Arab states implicated in the Syrian crisis, in order to put an end to the bloodbath in Syria once and for all. But instead of asking all the parties to return to the dialogue table, the Islamic summit encouraged the Syrians to head to war. Hezbollah acted in a responsible way at the level of the case of the eleven Lebanese Shiite pilgrims who were kidnaped in Syria last May. 

We thus told the families of the pilgrims to communicate with the government in regard to this issue, so that our positions are not used against the hostages. We do not know the kidnappers, which is why we remained silent and asked the state to assume its responsibility. However, the Lebanese media outlets acted irresponsibly by engaging in a race to secure a scoop. These media outlets do not fear God. I ask you to fear God! What happened during these last couple of days was out of Hezbollah’s and Amal’s control.”

Michel Aoun, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, (Hezbollah’s ally):
“The attempts to eliminate the army-people-resistance formula are part of a hostile project. Those advocating the elimination of this equation aim at facilitating Lebanon’s subjugation to international equations threatening Lebanon’s entity in the future. 

To Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah we say we are in the same camp and proceeding hand in hand so that we can continue your difficult fight (…). Samaha’s case is in the hands of justice, and based on our traditions and those of the Free Patriotic Movement, when justice is tending to a case, we let it act far away from political exploitation or rumors. We consider that everything that came out in the media is null until the issuance of the indictment. Only then can the arrested person become an accused.”

Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese Forces (March 14, pro-American):
“President Suleiman and Prime Minister Mikati have a historical responsibility to deter the threats generated by the deterioration of the state in Lebanon, as well as its obliteration amidst a crisis of this size. I completely condemn the incidents seen during the last few days, as they gave the impression that Lebanon was completely abandoned, without a constitution and without laws. The armed groups are choosing their own policies and are kidnapping people without any regard for the laws in place. This case, regardless of how noble it is, does not justify the incidents that occurred or their consequences that could paralyze the country and annul the concept of the state. 

The appearance of individuals on television channels to proclaim their belonging to the Al-Mokdad clan and its military wing is unacceptable. If we follow this logic, we will have thousands of armed wings affiliated with the families, which harms the presence of the Lebanese state and annuls the role of the constitutional institutions. These movements’ role is to intimidate the refugees and the parties opposing the Syrian regime and supporting the Syrian popular revolution. These incidents aim at pressuring the president of the republic and the prime minister because the Syrian regime is displeased with the arrest of Michel Samaha, as this arrest constituted the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Foreign minister Adnan Mansour said to As-Safir before heading to Saudi Arabia that the government will not adopt any decision in regard to Syria before the issuance of a decision or a clear judicial ruling in regard to Michel Samaha’s case, despite all the pressures being exercised by known political forces and despite the demands to oust the Syrian ambassador, annul the Lebanese-Syrian Council or introduce international troops to be deployed along the border with Syria.

He added: “The government cannot adopt any important and fateful political decision in regard to the relationship with Syria based on media leaks about the course of the investigations with Samaha and will not do so before the issuance of a judicial ruling. Therefore, we are leaving this file up to the judiciary.”
Deputy Walid Jumblatt also said to As-Safir that what was required was for the state to have the upper hand at the level of the arms issue, while any defensive strategy should serve that inclination. He indicated: “For years now, we have been debating this issue and the time has come to settle it.”

Jumblatt had stated during an Iftar: “We cannot - under the slogan of the army-people-resistance - sustain this ambiguous partnership at the expense of the state, the army, security, the economy and the country’s fate. If the other team whether partially or in its entirety –i.e. the March 8- were to win in the next elections, I do not believe there will be any room left for centrism or plurality.”

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