Homage Paid to Ernesto Che Guevara

Che in Gaza 1959

SANTA CLARA.—On occasion of the 15th anniversary of the returning of Ernesto Che Guevara’s mortal remains to Cuba on October 17, 1997, funeral rites were carried out at the mausoleum erected in his memory in the central province of Villa Clara.

The mortal remains of Che were discovered on June 28, 1997 in a common grave near the old airport of Valle Grande in Bolivia, along with the bodies of another 6 fellow fighters.

His remains and that of his fellow men were returned to Cuba shortly after on October 17, 1997, and were laid to rest in Villa Clara’s Mausoleum. Since then, Che has been paid tribute in many different ways and by many people around the world.

This October 8 Cubans marked the 45th anniversary of Che’s death in combat, with commemorative activities taking place nationwide to pay homage to a fruitful life devoted to the cause of Cuban independence.

Since its opening, the memorial dedicated to Che in Villa Clara has been visited by more than 3 million Cuban and foreign visitors. This October 8, the museum received approximately 1,270 visitors─ a figure that far exceeds the average of 800 visits per month.

In this spirit, Che’s example and teachings will continue alive in the minds and hearts of every Cuban willing to embrace the revolutionary principles and fight for justice, and against lies, immoral corruption and imperialism.
"A visit to his memorial, just outside the town of Villa Clara, is a fascinating study in both history and passion. Regardless of your political views or your opinion of the man himself, a tour of Che’s possessions and the photographic chronicle of his life will offer a rare glimpse into one of the world’s longest-standing love affairs between a leader and his people."
— Liz Fleming, Northern Life reporter

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