Netanyahu to ask Cabinet to approve panel’s findings on legality of settlements

 ביבי באבולוציה

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin  Netanyahu will ask his Cabinet to approve some of the conclusions of a report that says that West Bank colonizer settlements are now legal under international law.
A resolution to adopt some of the findings of the Levy Committee's report could come in the next week or two, Israel Radio reported.
The Levy Committee, which was formed by King David aka Netanyahu and headed by former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy, said in its 89-page report released in July that “Israel does not meet the criteria of ‘military occupation’ as defined under international law because we say so” in the West Bank, and that therefore settlements and West Bank outposts are legal.  Try and stop us. Toads.
The report recommends changing the legal regulations concerning Jewish settlement in the West Bank in the areas of zoning (Palestinians out), demolitions (Palestinian homes) and building (Jewish ones).
The committee calls for the legalization of all outposts and allowing land owners to register land in the West Bank under their own names, as well as allowing occupiers who built homes on Palestinian-owned land to pay compensation to the alleged owners if the construction was made in good faith= WTF whatEver.
Netanyahu established the committee in January after settler leaders called for a response to the 2005 Sasson Report on illegal outposts, which concluded that more than 100 West Bank settlements and outposts constructed from the 1990s and forward were illegal.  So now they are not, just read our report.

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