The Birds

It happens. This is something that happens.

Austrian Times
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 08:47 CDT

© Andreas Chiste
Hundreds of starlings died when a flock rammed a terrified motorist's car head on as he sped down a motorway in Sattledt, Austria.

The bizarre attack came as the huge swarm of birds were flying in quickly changing formation above the highway.

"My girlfriend said she saw the birds flying very low towards us. Suddenly they just flew straight into our car," said driver Andreas Chiste.

"It was like something from the movie, The Birds. It was as if they meant to hit them," added one fellow motorist.

Experts reckon the birds would have hit the Skoda with a combined impact of close to 90 mph.

"It was gruesome. They were stuck to the car and in the radiator grille and splattered all over the road," explained Andreas.

Wildlife experts say that starlings perform their extraordinary acrobatics as a way of avoiding predators, like birds of prey.

"They might simply have made a wrong turn as part of a pattern or seen their reflection in the windscreen and thought they were looking at another part of the flock," said one.

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