The Manjewrian Candidate

Carmen Warschaw with Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who visited USC in 2001, as part of the Carmen and Louis Warschaw Distinguished Lecture Series. The Warschaws established the series in 1999.
   In memory of Carmen Warschaw who died  died Nov. 6at 95. Carmen H. Warschaw held lay leadership positions in numerous organizations, among them the Jewish Federation Council, the Los Angeles Music Center, Otis Art Institute and the Truman Library Institute.
In 1976, the Los Angeles Times named her Woman of the Year.
Her husband of 63 years, Louis Warschaw, was a prominent business leader in banking, insurance and real estate.

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan
Gray Davis - The Manjewrian CandidateFlashback to Los Angeles, Alta California - 3/22/2002 - (ACN) There is much that we can all learn about the contemporary condition of U.S. politics by reading what is on Zionist news web sites both in Israel and in America. Here in Alta California, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles provides an outstanding source for the understanding of the Jewish mind and for understanding their ongoing political programme that perpetuates their total domination of state government.
On March 12, 2002 the Jewish Journal published a very revealing article by columnist Joel Kotkin titled, "The First Jewish Governor". It was referring to California Governor Gray Davis who is presently the Democratic Party candidate for re-election. Mr. Kotkin begins his article thusly, "For years he has been a presence in the Jewish community, listening, cajoling and, more than anything else, raising money. And today he is on the verge not only of winning re-election to the governor’s mansion, but the beginnings of a political drive whose ultimate aim is the White House." Kotkin continues, "No, Gray Davis is not an Anglo marrano, a hidden, closeted Jew. He is, on paper, a Catholic, but his political career has been shaped, and largely financed — as much as any statewide politician including our two Jewish women senators — by the Los Angeles Jewish community."
The governor's recent speeches, political decisions and the political appointments he has made have recently shocked the non-Jewish population of Alta California which comprises about 98% of the total. Governor Davis has been acting more and more like an automaton and as if he is being controlled remotely by an unseen influence. This may sound strange but it is true. Californians who follow the state's political affairs have noticed his increasingly bizarre behavior and are wondering who is pulling his strings.
In 1962, a film, "The Manchurian Candidate" was produced and released but suppressed for 25 years. The principal theme of the film was the political "mind control" of an American soldier who was captured during the Korean War. The "Manchurian Candidate" was brainwashed and then re-programed to follow the orders of an enemy human controller. The plan was to release the programmed "war hero" into American society and than order him to assassinate a political leader through subtle commands by the human controller. The film, released during the heyday of the "Cold War", opened many questions about the power of brainwashing and about the potential for psychiatrists to abuse the techniques of mind control through the use of drugs, sex, money and coercion. There has been much, and as of yet unresolved, debate whether Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan were mentally programmed to assassinate the Kennedy brothers.
Psychiatric science and brain research has advanced significantly since 1962. Today, both the CIA and the MOSSAD intelligence services have extremely sophisticated and advanced mind control techniques. It would not be a stretch of the imagination to envision a situation where some of our elected government representatives may actually be "brain programmed" and under the mind control of powerful economic interests. Certainly, the recent political behavior of Governor Gray Davis points to this possibility.
Joel Kotkin writes in the Jewish Journal that, "Carmen Warshaw, the former Democratic national committeewoman for California and major donor to Jewish causes, claims she first singled out the lean ambitious young man more than three decades ago. From the beginning, she could see two overwhelming characteristics that define Davis to this day — a driving, cold-blooded ambition and the calculating smarts to achieve it." Jewess Carmen Warshaw, in other words saw Gray Davis as the perfect "Manjewrian Candidate".
Kotkin's article suggests that Davis was a perfect candidate because of his love for Jewish money. Joel Kotkin writes, "The Jewish community, Warshaw suggests, represented the primary vehicle for Davis’ strategy. "His only interest was money," she recalls. "He played golf all the time at Hillcrest. You saw him all the time. He was known as the man who came to cocktails and didn’t stay for dinner." Kotkin continues writing , "Gray went to more bar mitzvahs and weddings than most rabbis," recalls this aide. "He didn’t do it because he was Jewish — he isn’t — but because that’s where the money was."
The "Manjewrian Candidate" has now paid off handsomely for the Jewish community of California. Davis is now following the orders of his controllers. Unfortunately this has been to the detriment of La Raza of Alta California. Last week it became clearly evident when Davis appointed two Jews in 14 days to the UC Board of Regents instead of a very qualified Mexican-American. Gray Davis has now appointed a total of 4 hardcore Jewish Zionists to the UC Board of Regents.
One was Israeli born Haim Saban. Saban recently gave 7 million dollars, a record, to the Democratic Party for the construction of their headquarters. This is actually re-cycled money. It first comes out of the pockets of U.S. taxpayers, than it goes to Israel as foreign aid and than some of it returns back to the U.S. to prepare more "Manjewrian Candidates". It is a very elegant and sophisticated scam on the American people.
The other recent Davis appointee to the UC Board of Regents is Howard Blum who is the husband of U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein. Feinstein as well as the other California U.S. Senator, Barbara Boxer, are both Jewish. These two additional Jewish UC Regents signifies the vast consolidation of their power within the University of California and greatly diminishes the hopes that a Latino will be appointed Chancellor of UC Riverside to replace outgoing Chancellor Raymond L. Orbach who is also a Jew. The other two Zionists are Norman J. Pattiz appointed September 21, 2001 and Sherry L. Lansing appointed March 11, 1999. These machinations reminds us of Protocol 16 of the yet unauthenticated and much debated "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". Protocol 16 calls for the taking over of the universities in order to control higher education and the "mind conditioning" of youths.
It certainly appears that Gray Davis is a "Manjewrian Candidate". His decisions and his actions lend much support to the theory. What are we to do in the next election. How can we make our votes count. Certainly the Republican party is no better. We live in a two party dictatorship. We are forced to always vote for the lesser of two evils. In the next election however, both candidates are equally evil for La Raza. Until we create a political party of our own and run our own statewide candidates, I am going to continue to vote for the next best alternative which are Green Party candidates.

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