Israelis use lethal chemical weapons: 17 miscarriages, animals killed

An Israeli border policeman near Nablus. Sick animals not even worth sending back to Europe. Alive. Photos: Reuters - Abed Omar Qusini)

Israel - not Syria - uses lethal chemical weapons
There were 17 miscarriages in December 2012 as a result of unidentified Israeli gas fired, in separate instances, at Palestinians in the village of Urif in the West Bank, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said Tuesday.
Villagers reported the gas's effect on animals along with people.
Eight sheep had died after exposure. New born puppies were also said to have been killed and one cow experienced a miscarriage, dying shortly thereafter, according to the report.
The high incidence of miscarriages end of last year occurred amidst incessant attacks on the Palestinian residents of the small village, numbering no more than 3,000, by the Israeli army and illegal Israeli settlers.
“After the gas entered my home, my wife started to have a discharge of blood. We went to the hospital for an ultrasound scan and we saw there was no longer a heartbeart,” a local doctor told ISM.
Although the village has been attacked regularly in the past, Israeli occupying forces conducted a concerted effort over the past two months to disrupt the lives of the local population using increased violence and intensified psychological warfare.
Two months earlier, an outpost atop a hill in Urif by the Israeli settlers of Yizhar . The Yizhar settlement is currently known as the most violent settlement in the West Bank according to The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHO).
The video below, largely a sound recording, displays one way the Israeli soldiers have been depriving the villagers of sleep.
Minute 4:30 shows quiet at around 1am before air-raid sirens sound. Then a plane breaking the sound barrier is heard, followed by a man shouting at the villagers: “Good morning Urif! Everyone in the village, get up! Everyone in the village get up!”

The army has also been using tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and live ammunition on the residents.
In the below video, settlers surround a Palestinian home on a hill in Urif. Young men and settlers clash and throw rocks at each other. IDF soldiers interfere as the settlers leave the house. A Palestinian man is shot with live ammunition and taken to the hospital.


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