Solidarity with Cuba, a Constant at CELAC Summit

President Chavez sends letter to the CELAC  (The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) summit in which he says that Cuba’s pro-tempore presidency of the CELAC shows U.S. attempts to isolate it have failed.
Cuba was a recurrent topic in the speeches of heads of state and foreign ministers taking part in the first session of the Summit of the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States (CELAC) currently underway in Chile, Prensa Latina has reported.

In a letter sent by Venezuelan President of Hugo Chávez, which was read by Executive Vice-president Nicolás Maduro, Chávez spoke of the importance of Cuba assuming the pro-tempore presidency of CELAC.

By choosing Cuba as the leader of CELAC, Latin America and the Caribbean are telling the United States that all its attempts to isolate Cuba have failed and will fail.

Fate decreed that, and that is how it will go down in history, Cuba assumes the pro tempore presidency of CELAC the same day as the 160th anniversary of the birth of Jose Marti, one the greatest Bolivarians of all times, the letter reads.

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega called for the blockade the U.S. has imposed on Cuba for over 50 years to be lifted and demanded the freedom of the five Cuban anti-terrorism fighters unjustly held in penitentiaries in the United States.

A similar call was made by Peru’s President Ollanta Humala who demanded the end of the blockade and greeted the 160th anniversary of the birth of Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti.

Uruguayan President José Mujica stressed the assistance provided for a long time by Cuban doctors amidst difficult conditions.

For his part, President of Haiti Michel Martelly concluded his speech paying tribute to Jose Marti by calling him a martyr who is at the core of the unity of Latin American and the Caribbean.

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño spoke on behalf of his government and said that he believed the Cuban Government will strengthen the CELAC work during their presidency.

 The English-speaking Caribbean also took the floor to support Cuba. Foreign Ministers of Barbados and Jamaica, Maxine McClean and Arnold Nicholson expressed their solidarity with Cuba. Arnold said that he fully support President Raul Castro in his leadership of the new organization of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Uncle Sam lecturing four children labelled Philippines, Hawaii, Porto Rico and Cuba in front of children holding books (Notice the native-American boy, isolated is holding his book upside-down and the black boy present is not afforded student participant) labelled with various U.S. states. The caption reads: "School Begins. Uncle Sam (to his new class in Civilization): Now, children, you've got to learn these lessons whether you want to or not! But just take a look at the class ahead of you, and remember that, in a little while, you will feel as glad to be here as they are!" US imperiliam wikipedia


  1. There is a suspicion that Castro is an asset of the CIA.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Imperialism has to be survived for it to be battled against. I would imagine it's a really tricky game. And they are all tricky devils I guess. That's what they're in it for, right? Like Nixon said in the Frost/Nixon movie: "it's the game."


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