Zionists control Canada's politics and government

 This nation, once known for its moderation and peaceful influences around the world, is now being ruled by neo-cons, who have launched a very aggressive foreign policy and an appalling agenda against the aboriginal people.

In the background of this, Canada as a warmongering, pro-Zionist, neo-con State? Hard to believe, but that is what the country has become under Prime Minister Stephen Harper according to an increasing number of political analysts. Attention began to fall on Canada in terms of Zionist influence when it was the only Western state aside from the US that voted against Palestine recognition by the United Nations. More recently there was the tragic discovery of mass graves of hundreds of native Canadian children inside a Church of England school in Canada; racist police allowing a serial killer to remain free who over a 20 year period had been credited of killing more than 50 native Canadian women; the disappearance of an abnormal number of aboriginal women across the country; and the uproar recently from the native Canadians in respect to broken agreements and lands confiscated by the government that even resulted in hunger strikes.

Press TV has interviewed Mr. Joshua Blakeney, Canadian journalist and activist visiting London about this issue. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What’s happening in Canada - What’s wrong with Mr. Harper?

Blakeney: Canada’s problem is Stephen Harper who has sort of taken over
the Conservative Party and led it in a direction similar to that which the neo-cons took the United States.

Obviously, you just have to look at Canada in the United Nations where it is defending Israel constantly, apologizing for Israel’s apartheid war crimes and its policy vis e vis Syria. Canada is demonizing the Syrian government - a lot of Syrians in Canada are displeased with that. They feel that Canada should take a more balanced approach to Middle East affairs.

I think it has a lot to do with Canada’s resources, obviously Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world and so some would say that Israel is trying to destabilize the Middle East currently. That kind of makes it inhospitable for oil companies some would say, like in Iraq...

Press TV: You’re based in Canada. The Canadian population at large... I once lived in Canada actually and I remember the right wing press of old - Vancouver on the west side and on the east side of Canada.

Canadians themselves must realize they are, at the very least, making themselves targets because of Canadian pro-Zionist policy?

Blakeney: Yes, well, I worked out the other day, because we have the ‘first past the post’ system and I worked out that of Canada’s 34 million people about 23 million didn’t vote for Stephen Harper. I did the math the other day on my calculator.

So we have to remember it’s a ‘first past the post’ system so you have in our society that half the people are apathetic and don’t vote and of those who did vote, more than half didn’t vote for Stephen Harper.

Press TV: I know there have been elements of the Occupy movement and some demonstrations, but it is to the right of the Obama administration. I don’t think even the Canadian government wanted troop withdrawal from Iraq... or troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Blakeney: There is a strong Israel lobby in Canada and I think what Zionists in Canada have done... In the US you could say one in three Jews has been to Israel so you could say maybe two thirds are not attached to Israel. Professor Norman Finkelstein has said that the Jewish youth aren’t really looking to Israel as a country they care about.

But in Canada it’s like two out of three Jews have been to Israel and so we have a strong Israel lobby and that has kind of sold Euro-Centrism or has tried to make Stephen Harper and John Baird the foreign affairs minister view imperialism...

Press TV: But it’s a tiny population. I mean, that’s where it becomes dangerous of course they have a disproportionate control of resource elements and media within Canada... Zionists do.

Blakeney: Yes. Zionists do, not Jewish people. An individual named Israel Asper owned 60 percent of the Canadian media until recently and so that fact alone is pretty astounding.

Professor James Petras, when I was a sociology student, his books were required reading and then I moved on to his works on Zionism and he asserts that 30 percent of the Canadian economy is controlled by Zionists.

And so if you’re with the Conservative Party - the party of the rich, you’re going to want to align yourself with those who control 30 percent of the Canadian stock exchange.

Capitalism is hierarchical and thus it doesn’t matter if you are a minority of the population, if you control a significant proportion of the capital and we live in a system where economic power buys political power, so it doesn’t really matter if you are a minority. So there is an Israel lobby in Canada.

Press TV: How does this manifest itself in terms of attacks on minorities within Canada because they have a government that is so polarizing in terms of these attitudes?

How is that manifesting itself on the streets of Canada in the context of an economic crisis?

Blakeney: You mean like xenophobia? Well, obviously there are aboriginal peoples in Canada and the Tarzan oil development is attacking their lands and they feel disgruntled with the government for dispossessing them.

The Canadian Constitution says in section 35 that aboriginal rights should be recognized and affirmed and that the treaties should be respected. Canada had a treaty system where they struck treaties with the aboriginals, which was actually quite a better way of doing colonization - a bit less murderous than what the United States did.

A lot of aboriginals will uphold these treaties like the Crown, her majesty gave us a pledge to ask our consent, but the local politicians in Alberta and in Ottawa, they don’t respect the treaties so you have the supreme law of Canada and the Constitution saying we recognize and affirm aboriginal treaty rights, but who enforces this affirmation of aboriginal rights? It doesn’t happen in practice and so it is a big problem.

The supreme law says one thing, but in practice these oil companies go in and obviously control local politicians and as I say I think that really aligns with the Israeli policy of that of disrupting the Middle East and allowing Israel to retain hegemony in the Middle East. If they are dividing and ruling and fomenting sectarianism in the Middle East...

Suncor, a big Calgary-based oil company just withdrew from Syria. So as a policy some would say what is going on in Syria is a Zionist destabilization initiative, well that’s bad for oil interests so they’re withdrawing. And where are they going to, well, let’s continue and expand our elements in Calgary. It’s really devastating in Canada how we have the third largest oil reserves, but no state-owned oil company.

There is a million people in Canada now can’t afford food now and go into food banks just to eat.

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