Israel Occupation Force stages violent armed robbery of Palestinian banks

Palestine Media Center - In a "Mafia-like" robbery, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Wednesday morning raided Palestinian bank branches in the West Bank city of Ramallah, confiscating around $7-9 million from 400 Palestinian accounts, in a raid condemned by the Palestinian government and criticized by the United States.

Palestinian Minister of Finance Salam Fayyad said that there is a Palestinian-US-Israeli understanding prohibiting any Israeli activity against the Palestinian banking system, adding: "The aggression against the banks in Ramallah yesterday is a flagrant violation of the agreements between the Palestinian and Israeli sides. It hurts the Palestinian economy and its institutions."

An Israeli security official said the raids also targeted accounts of "terrorist operatives" and their families and "outlawed organizations," principally Islamic charities that are suspected of funneling money to "terrorist" groups. [this charge, and the phoney anti-semitism is wearing very thin.]

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  1. This is on the level of stealing sewing machines from a girls' school which they did awhile back. Take what they want.... I am SO EFFING SICK of these criminals.


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