Israel has no plan for peace

artist: Abd Al-Hai Msallam
"If Mahmoud Abbas really wants to seek justice for his people he needs to form alliances with other players such as Iran, such as Russia, such as some of the countries making up the Non-Aligned Movement"

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn, with the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, about UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay sharply criticizing Israel for its plan to expel thousands of Bedouins living in Israel’s southern desert of Negev.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Why exactly target Bedouins, they seem like the most innocent of people to be targeting?

Glenn: Well of course they are but that is not the point. The point is that this is land that Israel has laid her greedy grubby paws on and she intends to develop this land in the same way that she has the West Bank irrespective of all of the United nations resolutions that have been passed now not just for years but for decades.

And so we shouldn’t be particularly surprised at this nor should we be surprised at the words that are being spoken here by Navi Pillay. This is what Israel does whether it means moving 40,000 Bedouins off of their traditional homelands or moving literally millions of people as the Palestinian refugees now have come to be numbered throughout the years. This is what Israel wants and what Israel wants, Israel gets.

Press TV: So then what of the peace plan? You know, we are hearing about negotiations about to start between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. What do you think of that?

Glenn: Well there is no peace plan. Israel has no intention of doing anything except moving all non-Jews off of that land.

So this is just more of Israel’s theatrics and this is her way of appearing to be a responsible player on the world scene of wanting to seek peace but she will do what she has done now for decades which is to set all sorts of conditions on the Palestinians that cannot be met and then when the Palestinians are unable to meet these demands, then Israel can go in front of the microphones and in front of the cameras and can boo hoo hoo hoo way into the sympathy of the Western world and to say well, you know we have tried to reason with these people, we tried to negotiate with them but they are just too unreasonable. We have no peace partner.

And this is how Israel gets away with doing what she does. It is not a coincidence that Israel works closely with Hollywood where perception is managed in order to create certain political realities. It is no coincidence that Israel works so closely with Hollywood the way she does. She understands that perception or control of perception is 90 percent of the battle and this is how once again she will continue to steal more lands and to abuse more human rights as by controlling the perception.

Press TV: Where does this leave then Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority do you think in this peace negotiations as well as in the eyes of the Palestinians?

Glenn: Well if Abbas were a responsible leader (It has become common for everyone to name Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian "president", whom he truly isn't. He was never elected as such) he would recognize that his people have got nowhere working alongside the United States and other Western countries.

If he really wants to seek justice for his people he needs to form alliances with other players such as Iran, such as Russia, such as some of the countries making up the Non-Aligned Movement.

He's never going to get anywhere or his people. They are not going to get anywhere allowing the United States to act as a “broker” in these peace talks because the United states is in the back pocket of Israel.

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