NSA Shares Private Data With Israel


In March 2009, the National Security Agency (NSA) agreed to betray American citizens for Israel. According to a Guardian article, which broke the story, the NSA agreed to share raw intelligence data without first removing information about US citizens.

 The agreement between the NSA and Israel provided for the NSA handing over phone calls and emails of American citizens to Israel, the most corrupt and immoral government on the planet (the next Bilzerian Report article will prove this statement conclusively). This is despite Israel being listed as one of the greatest spying and cyber threats to America in 2013, alongside China and Iran.

This is not the first time American politicians and government employees have betrayed American citizens for Israelis. In 1975, Jewish Secretary of State Henry Kissinger signed an agreement to ship US fuel stocks to Israel in the event of an oil crisis, even if this meant starving American citizens. The agreement eventually cost America more than $100 billion. In addition, America gives Israel between $12-15 billion per year; this “special” relationship has cost between $2-5 trillion since the 1970′s. These funds could be going to impoverished Americans.

America has supported Israel’s human rights abuses by vetoing UN resolutions condemning these atrocities, and has also bullied other sovereign nations into maintaining good relations with the apartheid state of Israel. These actions have significantly hurt America’s world standing and caused the US to be the target of terrorist attacks, leading to a loss of privacy for all Americans.

Shortly after 9-11, America shipped several Israeli spies back to Israel even though the spies had been caught filming the twin towers crashing down, failed lie-detector tests, and had explosive materials in their van when they were arrested. In the wake of 9-11. American politicians and Israel lobbyists orchestrated attacks on Iraq and Libya for Israel, and may now possibly invade Syria and Iran for the same purpose. So far these wars have cost trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives.



  1. so-called "Jews" are not Israel.

    the Talmud makes evil appear "good" to delusional psychopaths...

    really it isn't funny,


    {check out the comments}

    so why do braindeadgoy "Jew" worshippers continue to deny the Truth...

    found @ John 8:44 ?

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