IDF Major General Detained in London

Royal Miss Piggy 

Never underestimate the value of simple means in international relations. The picture shows Sara Netanyahu attending Margaret Thatcher's funeral in London, on April 17, 2013. Her smile beats the one of Buddha after achieving Nirvana. She was not being disrespectful to Thatcher; her bliss was due to the British fascinator hat.
Sara Natenyahu

Hedonist Israelis cannot live without their favorite shopping center. After Sara's fascinating discovery of British fashion, Israeli media were stunned to discover how much Israeli officials were given a formal exemption by the Queen;

 they can visit Harrods and buy pretty hats even if the violate international laws, commit war crimes, or even if they commit crimes against humanity. Fascinators rule! 

Sara's bliss had cost. On May 13, 2013, it was disclosed that the State of Israel had invested $127,000 in four walls and a door installed around a double bed, as well as 22 business class seats fitted on a plane chartered from El Al, Israel's national airline. The aircraft cost about $300,000 to use, before the custom fittings, designed for a flight of about five-and-a-half hours. Yet, Sara needed a powerful nap before boasting the ridiculous garment.

 "Honey, how did you sleep?" read the air bubble above Netanyahu in a photo of the couple going around on Facebook. "Like half a million shekels," his wife Sara responds.

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