Secret synagogue hidden in Theresienstadt Camp

Tourists visit Secret synagogue hidden in Theresienstadt Camp.

Tour Price : Starts at 50 Euros per hour

   There are some pages in our history which is too hard to recall because of the unspeakable cruelties and the atrocities it reveals. Theresienstadt Concentration Camp is something of this kind. The tour to this camp will help you understand the complicated history, which was developing there in 1941, when the largest thousand-year-old community of Jews in Europe was sent to the death camps. It is worth noting that Terezin was a bit different from any of the numerous other camps from the physical and psychological point of view.

[item image] Its main purpose was to hide the horrors of the Nazi regime by means of its fake violence-free image. Among all the private tours of Prague this one is the most exciting. You will be able to see the places where thousands and millions of innocent people were held for years and then killed. It is truly a unique experience – to visit such a terrible place, and to feel its gloomy atmosphere. This guided tour in Prague will also include visiting of the Gestapo prison, where you will find the old cell of the person who was convicted of starting the WWII – Gavrilo Princip, who was also an assassin.

Private guide in Prague also advice to take a look at the Terezin Museum, the recently found hidden synagogue, the Crematorium and the Magdeburg Barracks exhibition. You will have a unique opportunity to see various artifacts, poetry, the victim’s belongings, children’s drawings which will help you imagine more vividly what happened there.


  1. "OMG, this is so sad, makes me feel guilty for something I didn't do and which didn't happen, so where do I donate some shekels to absolve myself?"

  2. Something fishy about the synagogue.


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