Sibel Edmund: What National Debt? US Taxpayer Dollars Continue to Flow to the World’s Despots, Torturers & Human Target Practice Fields

Tuesday, 8. October 2013
Yemen gets $13 Million or so. Why so little? Well, because it is just this tiny little poor non-entity entity; no real military might, no nuclear arsenal, poor, and almost invisible. Then, why do we bother giving them anything? Because sometimes we need to engage in target practice in a desert environment … and frankly, the international community doesn’t give a damn when the targets we kill are some Yemeni Bedouins on camels. The money goes to the few guys in charge of the desert who must play their part when we go there for our target practice

Once in a while, a few of our fallen nobody targets make their way into the media here-somehow. The Yemeni government guys in charge have a role to play; briefly. They are supposed to look confused and say, ‘Yah, yah, they were some dangerous terrorist children riding camels, and no, we have never officially granted your guys the permission to come here and use our kids for target practice, but, we never officially told them ‘no, you can’t’ either.’ That’s how it goes. Really. To get all that, in Yemen, we must spend ten million bucks or so. It’s a real good deal- almost as good as a Walmart post-holiday sale. So why not?

So, yes. Our government, somehow, amazingly, has plenty of money, thanks to its limitless money printing authority with zero oversight or accountability. They have trillions to spend on target practice, killing, butchering, torturing, kidnapping. They have billions and billions to spend on spying on you and just messing around with you and me for the heck of it-too much printed money gives them that luxury, you know. And of course, as we see, they’ve got billions of dollars to give crooks, criminals, tyrants, despots, heroin dealers and producers, terrorists, terrorist supporters …

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