Another Word for “Holocaust”

Whether it is the ww2 holocaust, Zionists in Palestine, the Bolshevists in Ukraine, Neocons in the white house...the outcome is always the same: plunder, carnage and death.

The killing of 10 million Christians by the Jewish Bolsheviks under Joseph Stalin 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

November 11, 2013
Last week saw commemorations of the 75th anniversary of Germany’s Kristallnacht and the 80th anniversary of the Ukrainian Holodomor. Judging from Western news coverage, Kristallnacht wins by a landslide.

On Google News, results for the words “Kristallnacht” and “Holocaust” outnumbered mentions of “Holodomor” at a clip of nearly 80-1. On a general Google search, “Holocaust” outpaces “Holodomor” by a less feverish, yet still insane, pace of 40-1.

Estimates for the death tolls of the Holocaust and Holodomor range all over the place—usually correlated (surprise!) with how much ethnic and political sympathy the estimator has for the deceased—but a rough consensus is that the number of victims was roughly the same.

Yet one would have to be smoking banana peels dipped in formaldehyde and sprinkled with PCP to assert that both events receive a similar amount of attention in Western media and academia.

Wait—aren’t all dead bodies created equal? Why the galloping disparity in public awareness of these dueling atrocities?

Some would say it’s because Western academia is dominated by leftists who are loath to acknowledge their chosen creed’s historical capacity for totalitarian cruelty.
“Aren’t all dead bodies created equal? Why the galloping disparity in public awareness of these dueling atrocities?”

Others would say it’s because Western media is dominated by people who are more sympathetic to Jewish people than to Christians.

Yet others would assert it’s because the USA fought alongside the Soviet Union in WWII and thus wants to avoid appearing complicit in the deliberate starvation of millions.

I’ll pick “all of the above.”

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  1. Be careful, you're butting up against the new and improved anti-Semite laws recently passed that has and will make it illegal to compare the holocau$t to other mass tragedies.

    Look too deep at the Holodomor and it's like pulling on a loose string on your sweater, which doesn't break, but keeps unraveling and the sweater starts falling apart.

    Which is what would happen to the holocau$t, if people, OK, Americans could still actually think for themselves and not start squawking like a parrot anytime they hear that knee-jerk term, holocau$t.

    1. The sweater metaphor is very apt.
      The holocaust is a cliche. Everything is so obvious I think the only "believers" left have their own personal agendas going on...Christian Zionists, rednecks etc.

  2. love the holocaust dog...

    Six Million more...the final solution.
    How many Khazar proselytes actually live in Talmudia...anyway ?


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