Nasrallah a leader and a courageous preacher


 Every time I listen to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, I understand things more and more deeply and clearly because the leader of the resistance is full of vigor, self-esteem, the smile of modesty and the roar of lions, unrelenting and tireless, he declares loudly and clearly, he doesn’t leave ambiguity in his words.

The greatness in Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is his self-esteem and confidence in the power of spirit and self, believing in God and in the cause until martyrdom. 

 While you feel like you are in an inevitable long black tunnel, the light shines, and while you see that an Israeli enemy is quickly getting ready for a new war, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah comes, a power of morale and self-esteem that will take you from a weak reality to strength, and this strength is not a dream, instead it was achieved in the liberation of the year 2000, in the war of 2006, and in everything that was declared by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and was honest about.

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