Christmas Message from the Queen


  1. Funny stuff, Genie.

    I've been thinking about you blog; Uprooted Palestinians, was taken down by Google and made 'private' due to 'violations', so, the same thing might happen to your bog... a move to WordPress might be in order.
    I find WordPress to be a cool place to be.
    Uprooted Palestinians, moved their blog [which he already had at WordPress but was not using it much] fully to WordPress. Nahida is there to as is Iqbal.
    Just a thought... maybe get a URL and move your stuff there and post on both sites. WordPress has a lot more action.

    Salam Alaikum

  2. Salam miss Gypsy! Remember how we use to escalate our conversations on your blog? We agreed that one can't say "Israel" without the f word whether in front of it or after.

    1. Yes, I sure do remember; we had so much fun. Miss you lots.

      I opened up comments again on my two blogs at WordPress; it surprised me to no end how on earth I ended up with 22 followers short of three thousand between my two blogs:

      That is why I suggested you take your blog to WordPress, so many people follow it's surprising; with every post I get a few more followers. There is a method to it, though. I was asked to contribute at:
      and I did, however, there was a chick there who was overbearing who also contributes posts and comments so I left. I did learn a lot about WordPress there -- the fellow is a cyber expert specializing in WordPrees. He makes templates, knows SEO, etc.

      Hey, 'Doc Jazz', Tariq, asked me to join SpyBook, I did join again but found it too boring. Maybe if you are still there I will join and we can chat there while being spied upon! Let me know and I will reactivate my account there.

  3. I have missed the community, that's for sure. Thanks for thinking of me my dear! Enjoy the holidays ...lots of time off!)


If you sit by a river long enough, you'll see the body of your enemy float by.
Old Japanese proverb