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hahaha! By Wayne Madsen.
  • Russia gets Saudi Arabia to support its military efforts in Syria. Which means, the Saudis have given up any hope of forcing Assad from power. The only country that looks foolish right now is the U.S., which still harbors thoughts of ousting Assad. Its time for Samantha Power to go back to Ireland and start folding laundry. That's the job she's always had the face for, anyway.

Time to take the only job you're capable of doing, Samantha!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Message from the Queen


  1. Funny stuff, Genie.

    I've been thinking about you blog; Uprooted Palestinians, was taken down by Google and made 'private' due to 'violations', so, the same thing might happen to your bog... a move to WordPress might be in order.
    I find WordPress to be a cool place to be.
    Uprooted Palestinians, moved their blog [which he already had at WordPress but was not using it much] fully to WordPress. Nahida is there to as is Iqbal.
    Just a thought... maybe get a URL and move your stuff there and post on both sites. WordPress has a lot more action.

    Salam Alaikum

  2. Salam miss Gypsy! Remember how we use to escalate our conversations on your blog? We agreed that one can't say "Israel" without the f word whether in front of it or after.

    1. Yes, I sure do remember; we had so much fun. Miss you lots.

      I opened up comments again on my two blogs at WordPress; it surprised me to no end how on earth I ended up with 22 followers short of three thousand between my two blogs:



      That is why I suggested you take your blog to WordPress, so many people follow it's surprising; with every post I get a few more followers. There is a method to it, though. I was asked to contribute at: http://deliberation.info
      and I did, however, there was a chick there who was overbearing who also contributes posts and comments so I left. I did learn a lot about WordPress there -- the fellow is a cyber expert specializing in WordPrees. He makes templates, knows SEO, etc.

      Hey, 'Doc Jazz', Tariq, asked me to join SpyBook, I did join again but found it too boring. Maybe if you are still there I will join and we can chat there while being spied upon! Let me know and I will reactivate my account there.

  3. I have missed the community, that's for sure. Thanks for thinking of me my dear! Enjoy the holidays ...lots of time off!)