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hahaha! By Wayne Madsen.
  • Russia gets Saudi Arabia to support its military efforts in Syria. Which means, the Saudis have given up any hope of forcing Assad from power. The only country that looks foolish right now is the U.S., which still harbors thoughts of ousting Assad. Its time for Samantha Power to go back to Ireland and start folding laundry. That's the job she's always had the face for, anyway.

Time to take the only job you're capable of doing, Samantha!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



This video shows how the U.S. helicopters are harassing villagers in Takae by flying very low or carrying concrete blocks or fully-armed soldiers on the heads of villagers. Several days ago they blew over a vigil tent set up the villagers by hovering right over it. At the end of the video, the past record of U.S. military's aircraft crashes in Okinawa are shown.

No Base

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  1. Main land japan does not care about Okinawa and the us military cares even less. The Okinawans are really stuck in the middle. They won't even build these people a decent railway system to get to work! Seams like they have been crapped on since they were taken over in the 1600's and again in WWII. It reminds me of the country of Haiti, constantly getting held back by corrupt governments and used as a political pawn. These people started out as farmers! They have a unique love for their land. land that has been taken from them over and over again. The best thing any american can do is patronize their establishments and say thank you for being such good hosts for the last 50 YEARS!!!! Oh yea! You marine commanders get control of you people. That is the biggest disappointment of all.