Avigdor Lieberman: ‘Our Oscar goes to Scarlett’

Lieberman, Johansson
Noticing Scarlett Johansson was probably feeling alone and isolated after her departure from Oxfam, a dark horse has come to her rescue. Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has praised the starlet on Facebook, stating, “our Oscar goes to Scarlett,” continuing, she, “displayed a courageous stance in the front of hypocrisy and the herd mentality.”

Lieberman added:

‘The attempts of pro-Palestinian organizations to bash Johansson for being a presenter of ‘SodaStream’ and its factory in Ma’ale Adumim did not cause the actress to fold or to apologize, but to clearly stand up for her principles in the face of those whom under the guise of false pretexts, continue classic anti-Semitism by other means.’

Not to be the only Israeli politician courting Scarlett on Facebook, Tzipi Livni also posted:

‘Hat’s off. Talented, beautiful, brave.’

Oh Scarlett, how rewarding your new company must be!

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