Israel is losing the fight against BDS

He played the holocaust card, the anti-Semitic card and the "Jewish homeland" card, and slyly infused Zionism into "the Jewish people"...AND the "anti-Semitic" delegitimization
of Israehell. Gee all that in just a few words, too!
 Netanyahu’s lashing out indicates that Israel has no strategy and no message that can cover up this evident truth: Israel does not have an image problem that can be fixed with better PR or by defaming those who criticize it.

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  1. "Call Hollywood and have them crank out some real, tear-jerker holocau$t movies, get some more holocau$t survivor stories out and set off another false flag that kills some Jews, preferably kids, since they make good press."

    'Bibi' Netanyahu's tweet to his Cabinet.


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