80,000 Palestinians left without water

These Palestinians (al-Filastiniyyun) are the bravest, most determined people I have ever known. They know if they leave they will never get back in and then Palestine (Filastin) really WILL be gone. So they remain and  endure the hideous abuses, murder and torture for future generations when Zionism collapses.

An Israel occupation soldier observes as a bulldozer destroys a water canal built by a Palestinian man on his own land.
More than Fifteen million US dollars is given by US taxpayers each day for the military use of Israel, which presently involves the imprisonment of the remaining segregated ' Bantustan — Apartheid ' parcels of land occupied by millions of Palestinian people.

Palestinians were forced from their homes 60 years ago from what is now called Israel into refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon.

While attempts have been made by the Palestinians to create a better life for themselves, these refugee camps have been forced upon them to this day by American Taxpayer funding, and Anglo American, Europe backing and banking for Israel that has propped up the forced 'state' of Israel for more than fifty years.

Illuminati, New World Order elite have been at the forefront in protecting European and American settler people who stole the land and continue to steal the remaining few segments of land from the Palestinians, in essence taking away from the Palestinians piece by piece this land over these many years.

Funding by the US Taxpayer for the enslavement of the Palestinian people continues to increase, estimated now considerably more than the previous 4 billion US dollars per year.

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An Israel occupation soldier observes as a bulldozer destroys a water canal built by a Palestinian man on his own land in Hebron in the occupied West Bank on June 8, 2009.


Around 80,000 Palestinians in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) have been without water for more than three days, a report says. According to the report by the Middle East Monitor publication on Saturday, the Israeli water company Gihon made the announcement on Friday.
"About 80,000 Palestinians in four Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem and its outskirts have been suffering from complete loss of water for three days," the Israeli firm’s statement read.
The company said the reason for the cut in water supplies is the water infrastructure in the neighborhoods.
Meanwhile, the inhabitants at the Palestinian refugee camps of Su'fat, Ras Khamis and Ras Shihadeh, as well as al-Salam suburb, said they were experiencing complete lack of water for several days.
The residents said in a statement that tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees and citizens have been without water in three neighborhoods since the beginning of the last week.
The statement blamed the Israeli water company, the only body that can supply water to East al-Quds, saying, "It started reducing water portions two weeks ago… And in the end it completely stopped the water."
Khalid al-Khaldi, the deputy head of the popular committee in Su'fat refugee camp, said "There are about 23,000 Palestinian refugees and citizens in the camp and they have not had water for three days. In Ras Shihadeh, there has been no water for 20 days."

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