NATO: Georgia Is “Special Partner”

: NATO (Military arm of the 1%) Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said Georgia is a “special partner”, which made “remarkable progress” and added that upcoming local elections will be “another significant milestone” on the road to the mature democracy.

In opening remarks at the NATO-Georgia Commission on the level of foreign ministers in Brussels on April 2, Rasmussen said that Georgia “has proven itself to be a security exporter”, noting Georgia’s contribution to mission in Afghanistan, its commitment to continue its participation in the post-2014 mission and intention to join NATO Response Forces from 2015.

“Georgia can become a role model for whole region, a nation that provides security and stability, a nation that is undertaking real reforms and reaping real dividends and the nation that is on track to deliver on its sovereign choice of European and Euro-Atlantic integration,” Rasmussen said.

He also said that “crisis at our borders following Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine” will also be discussed at the NATO-Georgia Commission meeting and reiterated Alliance’s support to Georgia’s territorial integrity and its aspiration to join NATO.

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