Putin’s Way of War

  • Exit polls say 93 percent of Crimeans voted to join Russia.
  • Forbs names Putin as the world's most powerful person because he so frequently shows his strength at home and on the global stage. 

Jewish joke: Israeli President Peres asks the Russian President:
- Vladimir, are you of Jewish ancestry?
- Putin: What makes you think so, Shimon?
- Peres: You made the US pay five billion dollars to deliver Crimea to Russia. Even for a Jew, that is audacious!

Putin to Cameron NWO wannabe stooge: "Do you want to supply arms to people who eat their enemies organs?" During a press conference ahead of the G8 summit Vladimir Putin offers a scathing put down in response to David Camerons vain attempt to portray the Syrian "rebels" as fighting for secularism and democracy.

 by Janine Davidson
April 16, 2014
The latest events in Ukraine raise more questions about the future of war and the future of NATO.  Previously, I wrote about how Vladimir Putin’s tactics reflect an uncomfortable trend around the world in which aggressors [NWO creeps] are actively exploiting the norms and laws we have traditionally held regarding crime and war.  Even the media have trouble labeling the suspiciously well-disciplined and well-armed “militants,” “rebels,” or “activists” who are seizing buildings in a coordinated fashion across Ukraine.

The ambiguity over who these men actually are, and how well they may be connected to the Kremlin only complicates military planning for a response.  If Ukraine responds with armed force, they will be the ones blamed for escalation against “pro-Russian protesters,” giving Russia a potential excuse for sending in “real” troops; but if they do nothing, this creeping occupation [representing the 93%] by these pro-Russian, non-insignia-wearing, special forces-looking operators will continue to change the facts on the ground in a way that enhances Putin’s leverage.

Meanwhile, NATO countries have been reluctant to provide support to Ukraine’s military, who is not a member of the transatlantic alliance and therefore not entitled to a collective defensive response under NATO’s Article Five.  This is quickly teaching an uncomfortable lesson to the nations of Eastern Europe: unless you are a member of NATO and officially protected by its Article Five guarantee, in which an attack on one member is considered an attack on all, you are on your own against Russia’s new mode of unconventional warfare. [what constitutes conventional warfare these days...sponsoring undemocratic coups against elected governments? That's the US way, speaking of creeping invasions...]

As NATO reinforces defenses on its own eastern border, NATO leaders and military planners must not only consider the possibility of Putin losing his mind and militarily assaulting a NATO country[Hahaha!]. NATO must also consider what happens if and when these well-armed, unmarked, SOF-like, suspiciously disciplined masked men turn up in a NATO-aligned nation, such as Estonia or Latvia (respectively  24 and 27 percent ethnic Russian) and commence another creeping invasion.
Will this be a proper trigger for an Article Five response?  If so, what exactly might that military response be?  How much time will we afford for deliberation and hand-wringing? [NWO is out of time! NOW is time for the NEW New World Order!]

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