Take the Money and Run

Travel opens up the vistas of your mind. It is wonderful to roam our beautiful Earth, from France to Norway, from China to Russia, from Africa to Latin America, enjoying its variety and hospitality, and the profession of reporter gives you a chance to see the world. But eventually one pays attention to an interesting coincidence.

It could happen to you in Marseille, as you walk by the inner harbour, or in Brittany, in the fishermen’ city of Oriente, in Guatemala or Nicaragua, in Milan, this capital of Italian fashion, in Naples or in Shanghai, in Russian White Sea port of Archangel or in the middle of China, in Berlin and Hamburg, in the passes of Hindukush, in Tokyo and Baghdad, Manila or Havana.

Suddenly you notice that all these exotic and diverse places have one thing in common, - they were bombed by Brits and Yankees. These guys sure get around. Today we bomb Afghanistan, tomorrow – the rest, or whatever they sing in the Air Force.

 The reasons vary. They had bombed China for the stubborn Chinese did not want to buy their opium, Columbia, for they were selling drugs, Russians and Vietnamese, for being Commies, Cambodians, for being there, Germans and French, for offending Jews, Iraqis, for hard cash and Sudanese by mistake.

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