Jabhat Al Nusrah used unconventional weapons in Golan

1st May 2014 The videotape published by "Jabhat al-Nusrah" about the massacre committed on the last April 24, in cooperation with other terrorist groups and the Israeli Army stationed in the occupied Golan, provides strong evidences that it was caused by an unknown unconventional weapon, believed to be electromagnetic!

- All the victims’ bodies, except one, do not show any trace of blood.

- The environment surrounding the corpses absolutely indicates that it has never been subjected to shelling with any conventional weapon.

- The left sleeve of a victim’s suit indicates that it was burned in a way similar to that caused by an acidic material or heavily-concentrated chlorine.

-The black and dark brown color covering wide areas of the victims’ faces and what is uncovered of their bodies is similar to that of congenital birthmarks and that caused by burning with electrocution or electromagnetic waves that coagulate skinny cells and make them similar to the symptoms of ischemia suffered by patients with diabetes.

The massacre, which was committed against battalion 74 stationed in "Tall Al-Jabiyah " near the Syrian border with the occupied part Golan and the “neutral Zone” superintend by the UN peacemakers, and opposite to “Tall Al-Farass” captured by the Israeli Army since October 1973, was committed by Al-Qaeda(Al-CIAda)-linked “Jabhat Al-Nusrah” and other groups being run by the " joint operations room " located at Four Seasons Hotel in the “ in the Jordanian capital. This “room”, as it was revealed by Reuters last year, is being run by the intelligence services of Jordan , Saudi Arabia , Israel and the CIA .

It remains to point out that Israeli Channel 10 revealed on October 22, 2013 that the Israeli government has become cooperating with " al-Qaeda ", and 106 of this terrorist group’s wounded are receiving medical treatments in Israeli hospitals!
Watch the videotape here:

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