Trust No Fox on his Green Heath

And No Jew on his Oath

Most revolting in a Jew
Is his peculiar greed for gold.
Always with him is first in mind
By hook or crook a deal to find.
There was once a Jew called Kohn
With 100,000 talers all his own
From cutting offers to the bone.
Greed of gold had sullied his soul.
Came a farmer in greatest need,
Cows and pigs he offered the Jew
For 120 Gulden new
To free himself from binding debt.
The Jew, however, was not ashamed
To pay him half the price he named.
Away went cattle with grinning Jew,
The farmer was heartbroken, too.
Misfortune dogs him more and more;
In Jewish hands there’s death in store.
So listen, you people, wherever you are:
“Don’t trust a fox on the greensward
And never a Jew on his plighted word!”

 Here Isaac Blumenfeld we see;
As butcher he makes good money.
But take a closer look, look closely,
A rogue this Yid is mostly.
Isaac sells you meat ‘Tis said,
But he gives you filth instead.
See that piece upon the floor,
Another the cat has in its paw.
The Jewish butcher never fails;
Dirty meat weighs more in the scales.
And — please just keep this in your mind
He does not eat it, nor his kind.
Only Jews, to their dire shame,
Could play you such a dirty game!
So listen, you folk, wherever you are:
“Don’t trust a fox on the greensward,
And never a Jew on his plighted word!”

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