Dance Macabre

Dancing for death

Israeli soldiers and members of the Breslauer Hassidic sect dance and bless artillery shells.

This video was posted on the Facebook page of bleep a program of Israel’s Channel 10 that sources material from social media.

It shows members of the Breslauer Hassidim, a mystical Jewish sect, dancing and singing “Le’hiyot be simcha tamid” (“Always be joyful”) with Israeli soldiers manning an artillery battery.

The Breslauer Hassidim, a sect that typically attracts young men, affix stickers to artillery shells that may be about to be fired into the Gaza Strip.

The stickers carry the phrase “na nach nachma nachman me’uman,” the mystical utterance that refers to the name of their spiritual founder, the eighteenth century Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

The group explains that uttering the phrase “eases all the troubles and sweetens all the harsh judgements, all the sins and all the falls and all of the heresy of the world” and transforms everything “to good.”

They also say that the incantation “is enough to destroy the Other Side (the Evil Inclination).” This is a reference to taming their sexual libido, Israel expert Dena Shunra told the Electronic intifada.
The video is reminiscent of a notorious image taken during Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon showing Israeli girls writing messages on artillery shells.

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