US Congressmen threatened by Israeli lobby

US lawmakers are threatened by the Israeli lobby not to talk about Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians with losing their jobs in the Congress, an American political analyst says.

presstv July13, 2014
“Our Congress has been taken over by people who are afraid of Israel and many people in the United States Congress are threatened by the Israeli lobby and told that if they don’t support Israel, they will be thrown out of office,” Bruce Gagnon from Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space told Press TV on Sunday.

“There have been several cases of congressional representatives who stood up to Israel and then there was a tremendous outpouring of money and lies in their next campaign for election where they’re defeated. So, this has frightened many people inside the Congress who now will never say anything bad about Israel because they’re afraid they lose their jobs,” he added.

Gagnon made the remarks when asked about recent comments by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie, a potential 2016 White House contender, has asked President Barack Obama to “stand up” for Israel against the Palestinians.

Christie said on Saturday that the current crisis in the Middle East is in part the fault of a White House that “doesn’t stand up for our friends.”

More than 150 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds wounded, including women and children, by the new wave of Israeli aggression against people in the Gaza Strip. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday that offensive against Gaza won’t stop.

“The American people increasingly, as we see all over the world, are figuring out by seeing the images of the children who are being killed over and over and over again in Gaza, so people are beginning to figure it out, but unfortunately we’re not able to get our Congress to respond,” Gagnon said.

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  1. Stand up for Israel?

    More like bend over for Israel and thank them for the rectal tears and ask for more.


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