Arms sales set to rocket after showcase during Gaza conflict

Buyers Beware:

The reports compiled by the three scientists cast even more doubt on the rate of success touted by the IDF. While it is difficult to stomach such harsh criticism of the army’s figures, the scientists’ claims should not be ignored without remembering the aftermath of the Gulf War. Initial reports following that conflict claimed a 96% rate of success for Patriot missiles. Later, an extensive study carried out by Professor Postol revealed that the rate of success was actually zero.

The IDF is a terrorist army with consistent engagements and ongoing research and development supporting that war machine.

As a result, operational frequency equals expertise in weapons making. It’s the same reason the US is a leading military force: It’s always waging war and knows what modern, "networked" battlefields require.
Embedded image permalinkRight now, when foreign governments turn on the TV they see the successes of the Israeli Iron Dome, the drone strikes on Gaza, and the land forces taking down Hamas.

There's no denying the lethality of Israeli weapons, even if the newsreels are heartbreaking, and that's free PR for companies like Elbit peddling their military hardware.

But, in the end, by selling weapons and profiting off of intelligence gleaned from contentious war zones, you not only destabilize regions and weaponize governments all over the world; it's just not a good look. And if Elbit is indeed using the Israeli wars in Gaza as a live field testing arena for their weapons, you have to wonder what new lethal toys will come out of the latest conflict.

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