Palestinian Jews...Who Cares?

Jerusalem: The City of Peace

November 18, 1947
by Chief Rabbi Yosef tzvi Dushinsky
To the Secretary General of the United Nations Lake Success.

The Jewish Orthodox community (Eida Hacharedis) of Jerusalem comprising 60,000 souls, objects to the plead of including Jerusalem in the Jewish state and/or its residents becoming automatically citizens of the Jewish state.
Our community demands that Jerusalem be an international zone, under your protection, with full autonomy, and its residents be free citizens of the international zone of Jerusalem.

We beg of you, not to take any action before receiving our memorandum which is being sent by airmail.

Chief Rabbi J. Z. Dushinsky
In the Name of the
Ashkenazic Community

  • Father of modern political Zionism shunned by Palestinian Jews
  • Jerusalem greeted [Theodor] Herzl appropriately and, excommunicated and ostracized, he was compelled to sit alone during his entire stay in Jerusalem. This was after a strict warning was issued by the rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shmuel Salant, “that no one should draw near to him or give him a place in the Jewish area of Jerusalem.”--Rabbi Yosef Meir Weiss,Rebbe of Spinka, Hungary (1838-1909)
  • "The Zionists have become known in the world, and they are considered like the lowest and the cheapest." -Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn,Rebbe of Lubavitch, Russia (1866-1920)
  • “The emir (ruler) is in Transjordania, where I put him one Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem”.-Winston Churchill (1921)

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