The Planned Genocide of the Gaza Strip

There are massive gas field the Israeli Government wish to claim and there are 1.8million refugees attempting to hold on to the last bit of their country in the way... Operation "Protective" Edge, and even the kidnapping of the three Israeli youths (whose killers were speaking Hebrew) has been a thoroughly planned and well orchestrated genocide and Ethnic Cleansing right from the very beginning.

This is why Israel destroyed all Hospitals, Ambulances and Water supplies. In Gaza right now there is no water, no food, no hospital, no ambulances, they are driving tanks through buildings and killing everyone they see, and Israel wont be sweeping up after the big going away party they are throwing for the people of Gaza, that way they get to kill the rest off with typhus and cholera after they leave and it wont be part of their official death toll... it will be Hamas fault for "spending billions on rockets" rather than efficient medical services.

This is why the claim has been made that Hamas is "mass genociding" their own people. Because it paves the way for a wholesale slaughter - all of which can be blamed on Hamas. This is why Israel created Hamas. It is why Hamas rockets are fired at Israel in their hundreds and why they never hit anything or kill anyone. All has been orchestrated to provide the Israeli government the cover this rogue state required to cleanse Gaza of its people when it needed to.

This incursion into Gaza is everything I said, and much, much more. It is a wholesale ethnic cleansing of the 1.8 million innocent refugees of the Gaza strip. right before our eyes.

its a fire sale and everything must go

most especially, the people.

And it also sets the stage for the next act of this grand play which will see huge influx of global jewry to Israel resulting from the global reaction to the massacre of the final stronghold of the Palestinian people. A people, some of whom are my friends. A people Israel claims do not exist

At the end of this "operation" there will be no more Gaza

Make this Information viral

Max Igan

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