UNRWA Same Relief Nicer Sacks

Gaza is a living testimony of the Zionist genocide process. Most of its residents, who have been starved for the past 7 years and now bombed, are families who were originally terrorized in 1948 and 1967 to flee their hometowns and villages, which were subsequently annexed by Israel.

For over 66 years now, the “United Nations” support not only the Palestinians with the sacks of food, also the strong Palestinian men keep dragging them to what is left of their homes but mainly, UN forfills the shahawaat (desire) of the “State of Israel” to sustain this situation.

For the status of refugee as well as relief are supposed to be temporary. Not 66 years. In stead of endorsing the law, regulations, higher International Law and Human Rights, they keep avoiding this issue and not bring in the rights and liberties, but more sacks. Nicer sacks. 66 years of sacks.

But don’t let them fool you!  The “State of Israel”  even tried  to file an appeals to Supreme Court to prevent exposure of document containing minimal calorie requirements for residents of the Gaza Strip.  So we can conclude there is no discussion about the fact some sick people even calculate what is necessary to make one succomb of hunger. So let’s get into the sacks:

To take care the Palestinians in Gaza don’t get proteins out of the sea, Israel even violated the Gaza-Jericho Agreement of 1994, the Bertini Agreement of 2002 but solely is responsible for rewriting every law by reducing the whole Maritime Laws about territorial waters into a severe brutal seablockade to a 3 mile zone at Gaza shore.

 Don’t start thinking fisherman get their sardine out there for IOA takes care numerous naval vessels are present all the time to shoot, attack, sink fishingboats and abduct the seamen as well.

Agriculture in the Gaza strip is a very dangerous occupation. Many have been shot down by snipers while working on their lands or especially near the no-go zone the lands are bulldozered out of “security reasons”.
In the West Bank, lands are confiscated and even crops, olive trees and exploit these. When not able to exploit then demolishing it, or savage settlers throw their waste water over the lands so it is unable to use or harvest.

Of course the “State of Israel” has more cards in Pandora’s Box, for when they are not able to achieve this goal other zionist tactics are numerous in zion’s tactic-box: Starve Them; then Shoot Them; then Give Them Cancer
Denial of basic needs apparently is not enough.

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