"White Supremacy Going Psychotic"

President Obama and UN SG Ban Ki-moon: "House Negros"

"The Rafah events are outstanding in demonstrating how the Israeli genocidal campaign has nothing to do with preserving the lives of Jews, not even of its own soldiers. It is rather a desperate case of racist “white supremacy” going psychotic."

In the bloody genocidal Israeli rampage against Gaza’s people – the massacre in the city and refugee camp of Rafah on the southern end of the Gaza strip was the worst, and it still continues. On Monday morning (August 4, 2014), Israel declared a humanitarian ceasefire – but it will not include Rafah. So the people of Rafah will not be allowed even to dig their dead from under the ruins or treat the wounded or get some water to drink.
The Rafah massacre is also the most extreme proof of the “world community”, led by the US and the UN, active encouragement and support for the Israel’s war crimes. As you may remember, on Friday morning, August 1, a 72 hour ceasefire in Gaza had to start. About two hours after it started, Israel announced that a unit of its army was attacked by “a suicide bomber”, killing two soldiers, and that one soldier was held by the Palestinian militants.
Just as the news came, Barack Obama went on the air to adopt the Israeli version of events, denounce Hamas acts in strong words that he never used for the killing of more than a thousand Palestinian civilians, including 400 children. He went on to wonder whether Hamas can ever be trusted to make a ceasefire. The UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, trying to outdo his bosses in Washington, said the Hamas attack was “likely to have very serious consequences for the people of Gaza” – actually encouraging the Israelis to go farther in the ongoing massacre.

Lies exposed

Indiscriminate Israeli Bombing of Rafah, from Refugees in UNRWA Schools to Ambulances
Indiscriminate Israeli Bombing of Rafah, from Refugees in UNRWA Schools to Ambulances

In an article in the Israeli Haaretz today, published in different versions in English and Hebrew, Gili Cohen brings some details from the IDF (The Israeli Army) internal inquiry about what happened on Friday morning.
The most important lines may be the small print, and don’t be astonished if they will disappear sometime soon. They say: “… a Givati Brigade patrol came under heavy fire while moving toward a building where a tunnel shaft was located.” So, according to the IDF itself, it was the Israeli patrol itself that advanced toward the area held by the Palestinian militants, clearly breaching the ceasefire agreement!
The report goes on to say that “Contrary to earlier reports, however, the inquiry concluded that the terrorist who came nearest the three soldiers wasn’t wearing a suicide belt, but simply continued firing his rifle until he was killed.”
It is typical that at the heights of the battle people exaggerate and public relations officers paint a picture that suits their purpose… But what will Obama and Ban Ki-moon say now to the relatives of the hundreds of people that died in the massacre that they have so enthusiastically encouraged?

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  1. curiously the Gog & Magog "Jews" from Khazaria
    are not "White People" = Israelites....
    are PROSELYTES to the satanic "JEWISH" Talmudic
    BAD FAITH religion [John 8:44] of the Money Changers
    & Pharisees who are in the Vatican, London & D.C.,
    Banks & Media...world wide.

    "White People" nations are the ones who are responsible for enabling- HELPING - "carrying the water" for these
    "JEWISH"/Zionist terrorists who HATE Jesus because it is their "religion" to shed innocent blood..for filthy lucre


    should "White People" nations care about the truth
    and doing what is righteous ...?

    Jesus in Matthew 13 : 41 & 42....declares what the righteous ought to be doing...





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