Hamas rocketeers are Israeli Shin Bet

 The false image of Palestinians as 'terrorists' who want to 'destroy Israel' is promoted by Israel as a bulwark against the emergence of a genuine movement for Palestinian rights that can be accepted internationally. 

To perpetuate the idea that Palestinian = terrorist, Israel has to launch periodic 'anti-terrorist' operations against the Palestinian people. When such operations are politically expedient, Israel manufactures a 'provocation' to justify the operation.

 On this occasion (Protective Edge), the provocation was the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens by agents of the state of Israel. While the operation was ongoing, provocations in the form of rockets fired by agents of the state of Israel inside Gaza were used. Hamas had no motive to kill Israeli teenagers and bring on the wrath of the most psychotic army in the world, Israel had all the obvious motives.

 Israel desperately NEEDS an enemy in the Middle East to justify its existence to the rest of the world. It created that enemy in the decades leading up to and after its establishment as a state. Since then, it has managed and directed it.

The following is a semi-satirical video produced by freedom fighter Brendon O’Connell several years ago before his imprisonment. It is still very relevant.

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