Hezbollah vows to destroy Islamic State in Syria

So my questions are; (1) why is one of the trio of Hezbollah operatives (below) look like he is posing for IDF camera? Kinda curious. (2) why is "Israel" totally silent on ISIS but rather focused on Hezbolla which is trying to defeat the Isamists which the US is proposing to do? Why bother...Hezbolla can get rid of them. They're not Muslims, they are anti-Muslim. (3)Why the Jihadists NEVER bother or threaten"Israel"? The "Islamic State" declares it will take over the Levant. Well, isn't "Israel" in the Levant? Yet "Israel" claims Hezbolla is a threat to "Israel" and they are not concerned about ISIS.

Hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters to Syria over the past two years in a bid to bolster its ally Bashar Assad, who is combating opposition forces, many of them Islamist.

Hezbollah operatives spotted near the northern border with Israel (photo credit: Courtesy/IDF)

Excerpts from timesofisrael.com
“The beheading of soldiers by ISIS was aimed at inciting strife between Sunnis and Shiites but Hezbollah and Amal succeeded in eliminating such strife, not just putting out the blaze,” he said, using an alternative abbreviation for the Islamic State group.
On Saturday, an apparent Islamic State supporter posted a photo to Twitter showing a masked man wearing black, holding the severed head of a bearded young man over his body. The corpse is lying in a pool of blood and, in the background, a man is holding up the black Islamic State flag. An Islamic State commander later told the Turkish Anadolu news agency Saturday that his group beheaded the Lebanese soldier for attempting to escape.
The image emerged four days after DNA testing confirmed that the body of a man whom jihadists had said they beheaded was that of Lebanese soldier Ali Sayyed. Sayyed had been captured by jihadists from the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front and the IS, along with some 30 soldiers and police in the eastern town of Arsal last month.

On Sunday, a senior IDF officer warned that Hezbollah could briefly capture a chunk of the Galilee, including some border communities, in an upcoming war with Israel.
The senior IDF official warned Sunday that while Hezbollah has no immediate plan to attack Israel, a minor security incident could erupt into a full-fledged war on Israel’s northern front.
In the event of a confrontation with Hezbollah, the fighting would likely last some four months, would have the Israel Defense Forces face some 30,000 troops, would incur extensive civilian casualties on the Lebanese side, and may see infiltration into northern Israeli towns to carry out attacks, the IDF official predicted.

What about "Israel"?

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