ICC already has authority to investigate Israel for war crimes

Netanyahu compared his country’s recent bombing campaign in Gaza to the US-led strikes against militants in Iraq and Syria, saying Hamas and the Islamic State group share the same goal of world domination Really? Do they control the economy? Do they rob Americans through the Federal Reserve? Are they the hidden hand behind governments? Are they Wall Street? Are they Rothschild? Rockfellers? Are they anything close to being a superpower?  Israel just insulting our intelligence yet again with absurd assertions. Israel created their own enemies and keep attention away from our real enemy which is them.

 Islamic Cooperation, the world’s largest bloc of Islamic countries, has been lobbying Abbas to seek membership in international agencies, including the ICC. That would open the door to war-crimes charges against Israel for its military actions in Gaza and Jewish settlement construction on West Bank land the Palestinians want for a future state.
However, Zionist/US puppet  Abbas’s speech last week made no mention of a bid to join the International Criminal Court or a deadline for ending the occupation.

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