Towards an Arab NATO

The Geese joined the Cranes in some wheat;
All was well, till, disturbed at their treat.
Light-winged, the Cranes fled,
But the slow Geese, well fed,
Couldn’t rise, and were caught in retreat.
Beware of enterprises where the risks are not equal.
Treacherous Bedouin Arabs in sandals are not equal to the European Army stationed in Palestine via Rothschild.
The Gulf Cooperation Council has invited Morocco and Jordan to form a military alliance.

17 April 2014
In 2012, the GCC had presented the two monarchies with $ 5 billion to join the organization. It is now a matter of going one step further and placing the respective armies under a joint command, headed by prince Mutaib bin Abdullah, Minister of the Saudi Royal Guard .

The question of Egypt’s participation remains open, despite its republican political system.

The Joint Military Command, which should include all pro-US Arab states, was announced in December by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. It will be supplied by the U.S. under a special dispensation granted by Congress, to facilitate the sale of sophisticated weapons.

Since 2004, the GCC has been a NATO partner within the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) .

The major stumbling block to achieving this alliance concerned the colonization of Palestine, Washington being an unwavering supporter of Tel Aviv. However, in November 2013, Israeli President Shimon Peres secretly addressed the Gulf Cooperation Council over videoconference [1]. As a result, the Zionist Arab States concurred that they shared the same enemy as Israel : the Shiites and Iran.

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