Yawn, I’m Bored, Think I’ll Kill A Few More Children

keep your eyes on the blue arrow

Convicted Nazi war criminal Rudolph Hess died alone after
decades of solitary confinement sitting
on the floor and strangled
by an extension cord.

Those were the days
Mossad was recruiting anyone then
even children.

The day thirsts for blood
and I’m here to satisfy its every need.

For the past 14 years, we’ve managed to kill
at least two children a week.

Yet the day cries out for more
blood and I hope I don’t
go the same way Hess did, finally.

After all, I’m a hero.

Rolf Auer, 6 August 2014


  1. If you research the clip, they are not "bored." Kids were throwing rocks and bricks from a rooftop down on civilians. One of the soldiers shot the kid in the butt so he could be stopped without killing him. AND their high fives were inappropriate and they were punished.

    1. I read this very same comment where I picked up the video. What I was thinking when I read it is what a stupid comment. And what if the children were dropping rocks, what is the IDF doing there? Were the children dropping rocks on Jews? Either way we know IDF and settlers don't need a reason.


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