Imperialism and Zionism

 Why we must pay close attention to Palestine and the ME
There is no other people that has been able, by the force of its belief in its right and its steadfastness in struggle, to unveil at one time the myth of world Zionism and the falsehood of its humane and peaceful intentions on the one hand, and on the other, the degeneracy of big states and important progressive parties and groups which Zionism was capable of buying off by money or of controlling by propaganda media in order to support its aggression against the rights of the Arabs which is as clear as daylight. Lastly, our people alone has forced the countries of the civilized West headed by the U.S.A. to lift the masks of their materialistic civilization plagued greed and the covetousness of imperialism who proclaimed their support of everything that is putrid, corrupt and backward in our Arab society. Their intention is to fight the premonitions of the progressive and dean Arab revival as represented by the revolution of Egypt and the popular movement in Syria.
(The genuineness of the Arab direction makes the violence of the battle inevitable, 2 - May 22, 1957) 

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