How drugs rule the world and have done so for hundreds of years

When the Chinese began seizing opium consignments Queen Victoria sent in the Royal Navy to settle the matter by bombing Chinese ports and vessels.
Wars were fought to impose opium addiction as a form of social control, making huge profits, and keeping the imperial system going, by the British.  The CIA today is funded in exactly the same way.  Vietnam was targeted in a war to take control of the drug industry from the French.  War and drugs go hand in hand and have done so for centuries.

Afghanistan was a war to control the production of opium/heroin.  Dubai became the laundry for cleaning up the drug money.  HSBC involved in the drugs trade right from the very beginning up to this very day.

The Taliban eradicated the opium trade, which is why they became the primary enemy of Washington.
Nicaragua was a White House based operation, concerning cocaine, orchestrated by Vice President George Bush.  The drug money funded the Contras.

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