Israel to 'allow' Coke into Gaza

Totally Twisted!
Coca-Cola gets into the festive spirit in Nazareth
New Coca Cola factory at the Karni industrial area will create jobs for 3,000 Palestinians; Israel hopes new factory can drive economic growth in Strip, decrease terrorism.
Are they to be reduced to cannibalism now?

Let's revisit the issue.
From 1966 Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. In 1997 the Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel for the last 30 years and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel.

This boycott has now broken down with heavy US pressure and the apostate leaders of Jordan and Egypt now have firm links and alliances with Israel, indeed the blockading of Gaza would not be possible except without Egyptian troops stopping food, medicine and essential supplies getting through to the people of Gaza and shooting dead those who tried to lift the blockade.

Supporting Baby-Killers in Gaza
Every year Coca Cola bankrolls the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Awards which honours companies that have contributed most to the Israeli economy. In 2009 a Coca-Cola sponsored award went to Israel’s Lobby AIPAC for its lobbying of the Senate to reject of the UN call for “immediate ceasefire” and endorse the continuation of the Israel military assault on Gaza.

Coca-Cola is directly implicated in this award which went to those sustaining the bombardment and killing of Muslim men, women and children. There is blood on their hands and your’s if you buy their products.

Financial stake in Israel’s survival
In 2008 Coca-Cola tasked the Israeli venture capital Challenge Fund to locate suitable investments in Israel with a promise of “a blank cheque” . This agreement is exceptional in the Israeli venture capital industry.

That is right, every time you take a sip of your coke, or other coca-cola product you are helping sustain Israel as part of the money you paid goes towards building up the businesses of the nazi-zionist state.

These businesses then pay their taxes to Israel, which buys the guns and the bombs which kill our brothers and sisters, and subsidize the settlements which take land from the Muslims to give to American and European jews coming to Israel like the American and European christians settled and colonised much of the rest of the world before.

Coca-Cola Israel also directly owns dairy farms in the illegal Israeli settlements of Shadmot Mechola in the Jordan Valley and a plant in the industrial zone of Katzerin n the occupied Golan Heights, not that we recognise Israel, indeed anything produced in Israel is produced on occupied land.

Supporting and Awarding War-Criminals
In 2009 Coca-Cola hosted a special reception at the Coca-Cola world headquarters to honour Brigadier-General Ben-Eliezer. Ben-Eliezer is a wanted war criminal, during the Six-Day War his unit was responsible for the execution of over 300 Egyptian POWs. Under Sharon, Ben-Eliezer served as Defence Minister presiding over the massacre at Jenin when the Jews supported the massacred Muslims during the 2nd Palestinian upraising against Jewish occupation.

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