Open Bethlehem

Trailer: Open Bethlehem from TPNS on Vimeo.

As a set of street interviews which accompany the closing credits of Open Bethlehem show, plenty of people in the modern West have no idea where or what Bethlehem is.

It represents just a name from the story of the birth of Christianity. Some are unsure whether it really exists or existed; if they do recognize it as a living city, they think it might be “in Africa” or — getting closer — “somewhere near Egypt.”

Some of these historical images  are amongst the most fascinating aspects of the film, including as they do rare scenes and insights into the fate that has befallen the city. Old engravings and photographs of Rachel’s Tomb, for instance, trace in sad detail its trajectory from a simple, dignified shrine on a quiet hillside, visited by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike, to a site accessible only to Jews and completely encased in Israeli military concrete.

Rachel's Tomb before zionist
occupation of Palestine

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