CNAS, the democratic version of conquest imperialism

While Washington has no foreign policy, but several contradictory and simultaneous policies, "liberal hawks" have formed around General David Petraeus and the Center for a New American Security. Thierry Meyssan spotlights this think tank which now plays the role formerly devolved to the Project for a New American Century in the Bush era: promoting expansionist imperialism and world domination.

The Syrian crisis, which had already been solved by the first conference in Geneva in June 2012, continues despite all the agreements negotiated with the United States. Clearly, the Obama administration does not obey its leader, but is divided between two political lines: one favourable to the imperialist division of the world with China and possibly Russia (President Obama’s position) and, on the other hand, the expansionist imperialists (gathered around Hillary Clinton and General David Petraeus).

To everyone’s surprise, the ouster of the CIA Director and the Secretary of State during the re-election of Barack Obama has not ended the division of the administration, but has exacerbated it.
Once again, the expansionist imperialists have revived the war against the People’s Republic of Korea, under the pretext of a cyber attack against Sony Pictures attributed to Pyongyang against all logic. President Obama ultimately agreed with their discourse and signed a "sanctions" decree.

It seems that supporters of imperial expansion have first regrouped to create the Center for a New American Security, which played in the Democratic Party a role equivalent to that of the Project for a New American Century (and today of the Foreign Policy Initiative) within the Republican Party. As such, they played an important role during the first term of Barack Obama and, for some, have integrated the deep state from whence they continue to pull the strings.

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