Unwelcome Mat: Shameless "Israeli" Parasite leader Netanyahu

Secretary of State John Kerry called into question the Israeli prime minister's policy judgement citing Netanyahu's support for the Bush led invasion of Iraq.

By inviting Netanyahu to speak in Congress, is Boehner, and his fellow GOPers as well as their Dem allies saying that they are more concerned about meeting Netanyu's and Israel's priorities than those of the US, if the two's best interests differ?
Are they saying they won't listen to the democratically elected leader of the United States, but will listen to the leader of a foreign nation?  How is that not treason?
 Boehner should be arrested and beheaded as soon as Bibi lands.
Also, Kerry reveals here that it was Bibi who gave the Intelligence Lie's on Iraq. He gave American those lie's in plan view when he testified on the floor of the Congressional Floor of the Intelligence Committee! The same speech he is attempting to give now on Iran that he gave on Iraq FALSE intelligence HERE.

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