Geopolitical Plate Tectonics Shifting U.S. Away from Center Stage

 Scary clowns with big guns, that's what are to the rest of the world. The only way we can get through a door is at gunpoint. No one would let us in otherwise.

“Fuck the EU”

The staying power of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela has angered State’s Jacobson, an untactful diplomat in the mold of the foul-mouthed Nuland. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez recently said that Jacobson was "petulant" and «ill-mannered» as evidenced by her «way of walking, chewing».

Rodriguez said that one must have «manners» in dealing with «people and with countries». Jacobson’s lack of manners is matched by Nuland who is recorded as telling the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, «fuck the EU,» and referred to German reluctance to increase sanctions on Russia as «Moscow bullshit».

The Obama administration has seen U.S. relations with Latin America and Europe plummet largely as a result of the porcine mannerisms of two top female diplomats who were personally elevated into their present jobs by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, the geo-political shifting of nations and alliances continues to benefit those who decide to limit the influence-peddling from Washington. This message is becoming clear to nations that see an improvement in their lot from cooperating in non-U.S. projects from the Balkans Stream pipeline and the Silk Road initiative to ALBA and IORA. The «American brand» has lost its luster on the world stage.



Emanuel yelled at Chicago alderman, other officials showing off his temper. This is a common thread among characters like Emanuel, Victoria Nuland, and their ilk and it can be cured by a knuckle sandwich to their pieholes.

CHICAGO — Alderman Scott Waguespack was in a conference room at City Hall in the spring of 2011 for a formal sit-down with this city’s newly elected mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Mr. Waguespack attempted some small talk, he said, but Mr. Emanuel was not much interested.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever,’” recalled Mr. Waguespack, now a chief adversary of the mayor. “Then he said, ‘Let me tell you something,’ and he went off at me. Just started yelling and swearing. He went so far off the handle that I almost got up and walked out.”

Mr. Emanuel, in an interview, remembered it quite differently. “If he’s claiming that, then why didn’t he say it when it happened, or a day afterwards, a week afterwards?” he said. “Four years after the fact? It never happened.”
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