The bleak reality awaiting Netanyahu back home

Poisoned headlines and a looming Histadrut strike in the south await the newly returned PM, while visions of unity governments and rotations fill various party leaders' heads.
Immediately after landing back in Israel on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hurried to the briefing room in order to respond personally, on camera, to Barack Obama. The president had claimed that, in his speech to the Congress the previous day, Netanyahu said nothing new and had not offered a practical alternative to the emerging agreement with Iran. But no proud Churchillian leader like Netanyahu would allow a fading, worn politician in the twilight of his career to have the last word. Certainly not when the calendar shows less than two weeks to Election Day.

Henceforth, at every opportunity he finds until the polling booths open, Netanyahu will hammer us over the head with Iran, Iran, Iran, and with declarations about how time is running out and about the terrible danger and the looming second Holocaust.

Yes, this is the same Iran that, during the premier’s last six years in power, has increased enormously the number of active centrifuges in its possession, and is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear threshold state. It’s the same Iran whose foreign minister is exchanging smiles with the U.S. secretary of state, who a few days earlier had talked insultingly about Netanyahu’s flawed judgment.

 Meanwhile, the prime minister won’t dare say a word about the collapsing health-care system in Israel, or about the housing crunch and the high cost of living here. A confirmed rumor has it that Likud’s social-economic platform has been sitting for two weeks in a secure email file, waiting for someone to release it to the public.

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