When Denver policemen train in Israel, city alleys become Iraqi checkpoints

DENVER, COLORADO- When police killed 16-yr-old Jessie Hernandez in a Denver alley where the teen was dropping off a friend on the way to school, they claimed her vehicle had struck a DPD officer. Police jailed her four teen passengers, ordered residents not to videotape, and refused to release details of the incident except a statement from Police Chief White which claimed that all police conduct had been according to protocol.

Now journalists have reached one of the teens who reports that police officers fired first, killing the driver, which caused the car to veer toward the officers and crash. Where did Denver police learn they can face a car load of teenage girls and shoot first.

 Let’s note that DPD brags about sending officers to train in Israel. Let’s consider too that DPD hires recent veterans who may be suffering from PTSD, some of whom may have experience with the “Iraqi Checkpoints” where vehicle braking speeds were augmented with the stopping power of US bullets.

SO, the police lie about shooting Jessie Hernandez after the car struck an officer and not before. Maybe next we’ll learn they’re lying about the teens’ car being “stolen”.


Furgeson Police
The former chief of the St. Louis County Police Department, who retired in January, had participated in a 2011 trip to Israel sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League.

David Friedman, the Washington, D.C., regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, organized the dozen Israel seminars hosted by his organization for law enforcement leaders. For logistical reasons, he said, participation has been limited to “the highest levels of law enforcement.” However, Friedman confirmed that the University of Wisconsin’s police department participated, and news coverage as well as news releases from his organization show other smaller agencies and campus police began participating in the mid-2000s.

The U.S. program began less than a year after 9/11, when the Jewish Institute brought nine American police officials to Israel to meet with Uzi Landau, Israel’s public security minister at the time. Participants represented the New York and Los Angeles police departments, the Major County Sheriffs' Association, the New York and New Jersey Port Authority police and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority police.

The growth of police violence, which according to government statistics has hit the highest levels in decades, parallels the dramatic expansion of social inequality in the US. The de facto legal immunity granted to killer cops is similar to the effective immunity from prosecution granted to the Wall Street bankers who helped trigger the financial crisis, and to CIA torturers.

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  1. I met at least a few citizens of the U. S.ofA. who give me the real story of born in the USA.


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