American Sniper

It it really something to be proud of??

Macabre accounts of killing of civilians are emerging through the cordon U.S. forces are still maintaining around Fallujah.
“Doctors in Fallujah are reporting to me that there are patients in the hospital there who were forced out by the Americans,” said Mehdi Abdulla, a 33-year-old ambulance driver at a hospital in Baghdad. “Some doctors there told me they had a major operation going, but the soldiers took the doctors away and left the patient to die.” Kassem Mohammed Ahmed who escaped from Fallujah a little over a week ago told IPS he witnessed many atrocities committed by U.S. soldiers in the city.
Roll over people with tanks
“I watched them roll over wounded people in the street with tanks,” he said.   “This happened so many times.” Abdul Razaq Ismail who escaped from Fallujah two weeks back said soldiers had used tanks to pull bodies to the soccer stadium to be buried.   ”I saw dead bodies on the ground and nobody could bury them because of the American snipers,” he said.   ”The Americans were dropping some of the bodies into the Euphrates near Fallujah.”
Americans shot them with rifles from the shore
Abu Hammad said he saw people attempt to swim across the Euphrates to escape the siege.   “The Americans shot them with rifles from the shore,” he said.   ”Even if some of them were holding a white flag or white clothes over their heads to show they are not fighters, they were all shot.” Hammad said he had seen elderly women carrying white flags shot by U.S. soldiers.   ”Even the wounded people were killed.   The Americans made announcements for people to come to one mosque if they wanted to leave Fallujah, and even the people who went there carrying white flags were killed.”

Shot women and old men in the streets
Another Fallujah resident Khalil (40) told IPS he saw civilians shot as they held up makeshift white flags.   “They shot women and old men in the streets,” he said.   “Then they shot anyone who tried to get their bodies...Fallujah is suffering too much, it is almost gone now.” Refugees had moved to another kind of misery now, he said.   “It’s a disaster living here at this camp,” Khalil said.   “We are living like dogs and the kids do not have enough clothes.”

Ambulances not allowed into city

Spokesman for the Iraqi Red Crescent in Baghdad Abdel Hamid Salim told IPS that none of their relief teams had been allowed into Fallujah, and that the military had said it would be at least two more weeks before any refugees would be allowed back into the city. “There is still heavy fighting in Fallujah,” said Salim.   “And the Americans won’t let us in so we can help people.” In many camps around Fallujah and throughout Baghdad, refugees are living without enough food, clothing and shelter.   Relief groups estimate there are at least 15,000 refugee families in temporary shelters outside Fallujah. by Dahr Jamail    Baghdad 

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish

After 9/11, the Zionist Mafia and Bush Administration had a phony pretext for the attacking and looting of nations that were deemed worthwhile prey. The CIA was anxious to invade Afghanistan in order to get back into the opium trade, which had been lucrative for them until the Taliban intervened. The Bushes and partners hoped to profit from Iraq's oil wealth, from looting its Oil-for-Food fund, and from reconstruction contracts. Israel wanted to see its Arab neighbours neutered, and maybe even turned into satellite colonies such as the US, UK and Germany. Their immediate interest was Iraq, not Afghanistan. The Bush family had business links with the bin Ladens, and Osama was selected as the arch-villain since he had ailing kidneys and was not expected to survive long. But it was easier to link Osama with Afghanistan than Iraq.

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